Having seceded from South Africa on the 24th of September 2017, The Sovereign State of Good hope aims to implement a policy of Self Determination, rather than being a politically dominating force of corruption and coercion. King Cornelius has clearly stated that he has no intention of controlling the resources, but seeks abundance for all people within the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and that all citizens are free to self-determination governed only by their Oath of Allegiance to the State, and abiding by the Rule of Law.

The Royal House of the KhoiSan Nation is primarily engaged with custodianship and protection of the broader environment both human and natural - in which the Nation can achieve their great potential.

A wise and compassionate soul, the King has clearly and humbly expressed his deep knowledge regarding the abundance of human and natural resources within the Sovereign State of Good Hope. The King is well aware that these resources are currently and historically mismanaged and diverted, resulting in as much as half of South Africa’s population living in abject and hopeless poverty, in relentless fear for their lives and struggling daily with survival under the current political regime.

The intention of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, is to restore the Nation to a state of dignity, and send a beacon of hope and opportunity to those who are impoverished and suffering; to overhaul the education system in a way that teaches compassion, balance and practical life-skills, whilst eradicating the lies, manipulations, fabrications and misrepresentations from history.

The Sovereign State of Good Hope intends to provide a safe platform on which all citizens can realize their fullest potential, and to live in a fair, just, peaceful, and sustainable nation.

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03 May 2019

3rd May 2019 - High Court | Capetown - Voicenote (mp3)

22 March 2019

Today we wish our King a very Happy Birthday, may God continue to bless and protect him for many years to come!

07 March 2019

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