29 January 2019

A very Good day to all the Citizens of the SSOGH. including all veterans and youth,and anyone that is interested. You are all cordially invited to attend a meeting in Grabow on the Saturday the 2nd of February 2019. Many of the pertenant questions around the SSOGH and other matters will be attended to, as well as the way forward. There will be various speakers in attendance, and if you have not yet taken the Oath of Allegence you will be given the opportunity to do this as well. So if you have a vested interest in your future it is important that you attend. Addresss: old Cape road, Thusong Hall, Gerald Wright Community Centre. The proceeding will begin promptly at 10 am. All our endeavours are Gods intention the time for unity is now...www.ssogh.org

23 January 2019

Good Evening everyone just a quick update The King is Alive and doing very well.... On another note the old website sovereignstateofgoodhope.org has been sold to a charity by Mel V, Melenie Vermay or what ever she is calling herself this week in a feeble and pathetic attempt to further derail the completion of the task at hand, (So much for media integrity ?). And is in no way affiliated to or part of the Sovereign State Of Good Hope or the http://ssogh.org website or in any way linked to the Royal House of The Khoisan... We will be bringing back the news letter soon so any contributions you would like to make to the News Letter are more than welcome and can be submitted to newsletters@ssogh.org